Usefulness share - Etsy sellers help

Sinse i got spare time (no pending orders) and insomnia, i'd just like to share the resources i use for my Etsy shop promote.

1. Facebook, IG, twitter, pinterest. the most popular. nothing much to say more. Just organize it, post, update, share ur product photos, special offers and so on. follow and get followers back. the main rule: make ur account looks less commertial but more social friendly. don't spam! share info not just about ur e-store, but anything relative ur niche or just that u found interesting to others.
2. Tumblr. its cool IMO. Nice pages regular updating with good pics grab followers and reposts = drive traffic to ur profile and ur shop. rules are the same as previos. work in ur niche, post and re-post many, but no spam. post ur items regular but not permanent, like one publication of your product on 10 re-posts of others.
3. Weheartit. not so familar, but also works. its pinterest alike: u create account, boards with different themes, post and re-post. the more active you are the more followers, hearts and traffic as result to ur shop u get.
4. Polyvore. if u like to create sets, why not combine business with pleasure? participate contests, join teams, take likes, viewers and followers. post the link and short description of ur shop at profile. use ur products at sets time after time (u have to post them on polyvore first).
5. Wanelo. social shopping site where u may post ur products to be found by potential buyers.
6. Babylist. similar to wanelo. good for nursery decor/cloths etc sellers. just post ur products in the right category.
7. Houzz. good for interior desighers and home decor makers. fun to work with. create ur collection, projects, idea books using as yours as others products.
8. Boredpanda. its online magazine where are users sharing the photos and stories. the staff picking the best ones to get it on the main page and be featured for the day or two. if u have a good story of how ur hobby turned into business + nice photos of ur creations then why not to try. i have been featured on there at december 2014 with the story of how i decide to make dreamcatchers. it has brought a good traffic to me and helped to my then new store.

Thats it for now :) Must add, these are all free and have the function of direct posting from ur etsy shop with one click (exept boredpanda). Also make sure to use keywords and hashtags wherever u are posting.

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