Wedding favors - Scented wax melts

Soy wax melts scented hearts will be a cute avors for guests at a wedding or any other party. Especially if you plan to host a party in Bohо or Country style.

I used soy wax, essential oils, dried herbs and natural spices. The product is absolutely natural and eco-friendly.

Available flavors:

Mojito - main note of lime blended with pepper mint
Indian spices - main note of dried clove blended with cinnamon, turmeric and rosemary
Fanta juice - main note of sweet orange blended with vanilla
Strawberry cake - main note of strawberry blended with vanilla and cinnamon
Pina colada - main note of coconut blended with exotic fruits and vanilla
Vanila ice -pure vanilla flavor
Sweet lavender - main note of lavender blended with vanilla
Cool Tangerine - main note of tangering blended with peper mint
Apple caramel - main note of apple blended with cinnamon and vanilla

Essential oil and natural supplements make the fragrance long lasting and intense, it will be scenting ur room even if the candles are not lighting.

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