Under $50 gift guide

Christmas time is time for lovely presents for ones u love. U sure want ur gift was special and memorable. Here is small guide to not so expensive gifts which u can get in my shop.

Dreamcatcher. It's universal gift for her and him and it can be personalized. U let me know desirable design, colors, size and i will make one special for you and for this purpose to whom you present it.  Prices starts from $28.

Dreamcatcher mobiles. Its a good gift for mother or mother-to-be. Crib mobile is one of most useful and lovely nursery decor. Customized dreamcatcher mobile will be made on ur design. Proce starts from $44.

Clothespins photo display. Would be nice decor for teenager room. Handpainted in aztec inspired pattern, can be made in two color themes: dark and pastel. Six, dozen or two dozens kits  + jute cord and gift pack. Price starts from $18

Scented candles. Gift for all times! Home made candles: wax, essential oil, herbas and spices, with unique and rare fragrances. Can be presented to anyone no matter age and gender. I'd recommend u candles set of three candles with various fragrances. Comes gift packed. Price starts from $16.99

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