Witchcraft decor

To continue witchcrafting theme (see previous post "COVEN" candles set)  i would like to talk about magic altars in decor.
We are not always can afford a trip to Mexico or Central Africa to get rarity from "real" magic people. But its no reason to give up if u still wantig to add some mistique in your home.
Boho style coming along with magic. Crystal rocks, dried herb and feathers bouquets, sea shells, candles etc - put it all together and it will become your personal home altar. Add some very own items, like empty bottle of your favorite perfume, cards, photos in artsy frames, anything you really belief. It does't have to be religious at all, u may create it for something or someone you love. The limit is just your fantasy and feelings. 
But if you are still after witchcraft and magic, i might help u.

Here are some ideas and tools u may like:

Voodoo and New Orleans inspired

Mexican altar tools

"Mer witch" altar kit

Wall hanging "Dream altar"

All of my items are 100% handmade and OOAK. And its truly magic, no doubt :)

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