Fairy tale in nursery decor

"Alice in Wonderland", "Peter Pan", "The wonderful wizard of Oz", Narnia behind the closet, Harry Potter adventures or Hoffmann's characters. There are no secret that every kid in the universe wishing they had  a piece of magic fairy tail right in their room. Yes, there are toys and movies and books handy, but noone wants to pass the dream even for a little while.
What about to turn the whole nursery into fairy tail? Now we are talking about hanging play tent:

Good place to play, read and do anything (even hide from monsters!)
The canopy has small weight (~0.7 pounds) and easy to pack, so you can take it wherever u go: camping, backyard or just another room.
And those colors mix of white, creamy, golden yellow, hot pink, teal and purple makes the canopy looks mistique and magic. And yes, its 100% handmade and OOAK.

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